frequently asked questions

Hiring a photographer you feel like you can trust and rely on is one of the most important things when it comes to your wedding or portrait session. We hope this page answers some of your questions and helps to put you at ease. Grab your notebook & favorite snack and get ready for some serious Q & A! (If you have additional questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us via the contact tab above!)


"What kind of photography equipment do you use?"

Having a variety of camera equipment is crucial to the success of every wedding and photo session. We primarily shoot with professional full frame Canon 5D Mark IV & III camera bodies & always have backups in case technology decides to malfunction (this is a huge deal for weddings, especially because you cannot recreate the event). In addition to the cameras themselves, we use a variety of professional lenses, external flashes for dark indoor spaces and reception halls, LOTS of memory cards (so your precious moments are ALWAYS protected & there is never a chance of files becoming corrupted or destroyed!), and batteries. Being prepared and versatile is so important in this industry because you never know what the day will throw at you!

"Do you have any formal photography training?"

I sure do! I have a BFA in photography from Youngstown State University. I was taught how to use professional equipment, lighting, Photoshop, Lightroom, and even learned traditional darkroom photography. 

"What if it rains on my wedding day?"

Oh, boy. If I had a penny for every time I've been asked this question. You've meticulously planned for perfection and suddenly your BIG celebration is only three short days away, but the forecast isn't cooperating. Ahhhh! Run for the hills! (Just kidding.) But, seriously, it happens. There's nothing you can do about it. But I will tell you all of the ways I am prepared for such a situation and change of plans and offer advice on handling the situation: 1). I have a rain sleeve that slips easily over my camera in case we are shooting outdoors and it starts pouring. 2). I have a large, clear, pretty bubble umbrella to use for bride and groom portraits. 3). I always come with ideas for backup locations. No matter what happens with the weather, there are options. 4). I'll pray a lot and tell you about how rain on your wedding day is good luck (for real). 5). Getting married is about more than just one singular day; it's the beautiful starting point for the journey of a lifetime with your significant other. Regardless of what happens with the weather, you should be ecstatic and not stress about things you cannot control :)


"I noticed that you edit bright, colorful, and airy. My personal taste is dark and moody. Can you edit differently for me?"

Sorry, I will only edit photos consistent with my style. Photography is a form of art and just like a painter, musician, or other artist, I have my own personal style that is attached to my brand. However, I know plenty of other talented local photographers that may suit your fancy more and this is the perfect opportunity for me to pass along their names to you! 

"Who is your second photographer?"

If you have recently reached out for wedding pricing information, you will have noticed that some collections provide a second photographer for your big day. Having a second shooter is an awesome experience because we get to work together as a team to cover much more ground and give you additional perspectives and angles throughout the day. My husband, Donny, largely second shoots with me; however, multiple highly qualified professional local photographers may also assist me throughout the year in case of his absence. Such individuals specialize in weddings as well, so no worries about whether or not they're up to the task!


"It looks like you love to travel. Will you travel to (location) to shoot my wedding? If so, what do you charge?"

Yes!  I am a travel enthusiast. I have lots of experience traveling the world and I would love to join you on your adventure of a lifetime. If you're having a destination wedding or elopement, click here to contact with your detailed plans and I'll get back to you quickly with more information!